Some New Evidence on the Incidence of Poverty in Pakistan

Muhammad Hussain Malik


A number of studies have been done in the past to measure the
level of poverty in Pakistan. These studies include Naseem (1973, 1977),
Alauddin (1975), Mujahid (1979), Irfan and Amjad (1983), Kruijk and
Leeuwen (1985) and Cheema (1985). The time periods covered by these
studies are not the same. Moreover, in some cases the methodologies and
results of these studies also differ. The present study covers the most
recent data made available in the Household Income and Expenditure
Survey (HIES) for 1984-85. Some selected previous Survey years have also
been included in the study to see changes in poverty levels over time.
The incidence of poverty is measured on the basis of both households and
population. To determine the location of the poor, poverty levels have
been estimated for rural and urban areas of the country.

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