Clem Tisdell and Priyatosh Maitra (eels.). Technological Change, Development and the Environment: Socia-economic Perspective. London: Routledge, 1988. 351 pp.£ 30.00 (Hardbound).

A. R. Kemal


This book is a collection of 15 papers presented to the Fourth
Congress of Social Economics held at Toronto in 1986, which was
organized by the International Institute of Social Economics, Hull,
England. The papers relate to the appropriateness, the development and
the dissemination of technology, and the effect of technological change
on social environment. The book highlights various issues which include,
among others, the extent to which socially appropriate technology is
being developed and applied in both the developing and the developed
countries; the control of developing countries over the application of
the most appropriate technology; the impact of information-jntensive
technologies on family work, both within the home and at the workplace;
changes in service industries in response to the advancement in
telecommunications technologies; probable characteristics of future
technological developments and their social consequences; the problems
encountered by the developing countries in their development process due
to their late start; environmental and social problems given rise by
technological developments; and new dimensions in the analysis of
increases in productivity.

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