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Autumn 1988,Vol. 27, No.3 Wadhwa, Charan D. and MukulG. Asher (eds.). ASEAN-SOUTH ASIA Economic Relations. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. 1985. ix+384pp. Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Hussain Malik
Spring 1982,Vol. 21, No.1 Wages, Employment and Trade Unions in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Irfan
Winter 1994,Vol. 33, No.4 Part II Wages versus Fringe Benefits in the Large-scale Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Zafar Mahmood, Mohammad Ali Qasim
Spring 2009,Vol. 48, No.1 Wastewater Use in Cauliflower Production and Farmer’s Health: An Economic Analysis Abstract   PDF
Shahzad Kouser, Mr. Abedullah, Abdus Samie
Winter 2007,Vol. 46, No.4 Part II Water Resources and Conservation Strategy of Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Ayaz Ahmed, Henna Iftikhar, G. M. Chaudhry
Autumn 1965,Vol. 05, No.3 Waterlogging and Salinity in the Indus Plain : Some Basic Consideration Abstract   PDF
Robert Dorfam
Autumn 1964,Vol. 04, No.3 Waterlogging and Salinity in the Indus Plain: A Critical Analysis' of Some of the Major Conclusions of the Revelle Report Abstract   PDF
Ghulam Mohammad
Autumn 1965,Vol. 05, No.3 Waterlogging and Salinity in the Indus Plain: Comment Abstract   PDF
Nazir Ahmad
Autumn 1965,Vol. 05, No.3 Waterlogging and Salinity in the Indus Plain: Comment Abstract   PDF
Frank M. Eaton
Autumn 1965,Vol. 05, No.3 Waterlogging and Salinity in the Indus Plain: Rejoinder Abstract   PDF
Ghulam Mohammad
Summer 1963,Vol. 03, No.2 Waterlogging and Salinity in West Pakistan: An Analysis of the Revelle Report (Review Article) Abstract   PDF
Ghulam Mohammad, Christoph Beringer
Winter 1986,Vol. 25, No.4 Part II Wealth Effects of the Green Revolution in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Faiz Mohammad
Summer 1962,Vol. 02, No.2 Welfare and Production Efficiency: Two Objectives of Land Reform in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Christoph Beringer
Spring 1986,Vol. 25, No.1 Welfare Effects of Mechanization: Monopoly and Indivisibility (Review Article, Note, Comment) Abstract   PDF
Peter G. Warr, S.K. Jayasuriya
Summer 2014,Vol. 53, No.2 Welfare Impact of the Lady Health Workers Programme in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Shujaat Farooq, Durr-E-Nayab ., G. M. Arif
Winter 2015,Vol. 54, No.4 Part I & Part-II Welfare Potential of Zakat: An Attempt to Estimate Economy wide Zakat Collection in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Salman Ahmed Shaikh
Summer 1980,Vol. 19, No.2 Western Textbook Theory and the Developing Countries Abstract   PDF
Anthony Bottomley
Winter 2011,Vol. 50, No.4 Part II What Determines Innovation in the Manufacturing Sector? Evidence from Pakistan. Abstract   PDF
Hamna Ahmed, Mahreen Mahmud
Winter 1993,Vol. 32, No.4 Part II What Determines the Behaviour of Real Exchange Rate in Pakistan? Abstract   PDF
Salim Chishti, M.A Ynul Hasan
Winter 2006,Vol. 45, No.4 Part II What Determines the Domestic Prices of Agricultural Commodities in Pakistan? Abstract   PDF
Henri Lorie, Kiran Younas Khan
Winter 1995,Vol. 34, No.4 Part III What Explains the Current High Rate of Inflation in Pakistan? Abstract   PDF
M.Aynul Hasan, Ashfaque H. Khan, Hafiz A. Pasha, M.Ajaz Rasheed
Autumn 1967,Vol. 07, No.3 What Has Been Happening to Real Wages in Pakistan? Abstract   PDF
Azizur Rahman Khan
Winter 2013,Vol. 52, No.4 Part I What Inspires Electricity Crises at the Micro Level: Empirical Evidence from Electricity Consumption Pattern of Households from Karachi Abstract   PDF
Lubna Naz, Munir Ahmad
Winter 2010,Vol. 49, No.4 Part II What is Hidden, in the Hidden Economy of Pakistan? Size, Causes, Issues, and Implications Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Gulzar, Novaira Junaid, Adnan Haider
Winter 1988,Vol. 27, No.4 Part I What Remains of the Case for Flexible Exchange Rates? (Invited Lecture) Abstract   PDF
David P. Laidler
Winter 2007,Vol. 46, No.4 Part I What Turns a Blessing into a Curse? The Political Economy of Natural Resource Wealth (Invited Lecture) Abstract   PDF
Syed Mansoob Murshed
Winter 1991,Vol. 30, No.4 Part I What's at Stake for the LDCs, Now that the Uruguay Round Talks have been Suspended? (The Distinguishedl Lecture) Abstract   PDF
Robert E. Baldwin
Autumn 2000,Vol. 39, No.3 What’s Wrong with Contemporary Economics? Abstract   PDF
Paul P. Streeten
Autumn 1982,Vol. 21, No.3 Wheat in Pakistan and other Asian Countries Abstract   PDF
J. H. M. Opdam, P. A. Cornelisse
Spring 2008,Vol. 47, No.1 Wheat Markets and Price Stabilisation in Pakistan: An Analysis of Policy Options Abstract   PDF
Paul Dorosh, Abdul Salam
Winter 1992,Vol. 31, No.4 Part II Wheat Price Policies in Pakistan: Should there be a Subsidy? Abstract   PDF
Gary Ender, Abdul Wasay, Aklitar Mahmood
Winter 1992,Vol. 31, No.4 Part II Wheat Price Policy in Pakistan: A Welfare Economics Approach Abstract   PDF
Andrew P. Barkley
Summer 1974,Vol. 13, No.2 Wheat Production Under Alternative Production Functions Abstract   PDF
M. Ghaffar Chaudhry, A. R. Kemal
Winter 2002,Vol. 41, No.4 Part II Wheat Productivity, Efficiency, and Sustainability: A Stochastic Production Frontier Analysis Abstract   PDF
Munir Ahmad, Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhry, Muhammad Iqbal
Autumn 2001,Vol. 40, No.3 Wheat Self-sufficiency in Different Policy Scenarios and Their Likely Impacts on Producers, Consumers, and the Public Exchequer Abstract   PDF
Abedullah ., Mubarik Ali
Spring 1984,Vol. 23, No.1 Wheat-market Flows in the Punjab Abstract   PDF
Peter A. Cornelisse
Winter 2008,Vol. 47, No.4 Part II Whether Fiscal Stance or Monetary Policy is Effective for Economic Growth in Case of South Asian Countries? Abstract   PDF
Shahid Ali, Somia Irum, Asghar Ali
Winter 2006,Vol. 45, No.4 Part II Which Institutions Are More Relevant Than Others in Inequality Mitigation? Abstract   PDF
Dawood Mamoon
Autumn 2015,Vol. 54, No.3 Which Pairs of Stocks should we Trade? Selection of Pairs for Statistical Arbitrage and Pairs Trading in Karachi Stock Exchange Abstract   PDF
Laila Taskeen Qazi, Atta Ur Rahman ., Saleem Gul
Autumn & Winter 1985,Vol. 24, No.3 & 4 Who Bears the Burden of Federal Taxes in Pakistan? Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Hussain Malik, Najam-Us- Saqib
Summer 1994,Vol. 33, No.2 Who Gets Primary Schooling in Pakistan: Inequalities among and within Families Abstract   PDF
Zeba A. Sathar, Cynthia B. Lloyd
Winter 1994,Vol. 33, No.4 Part II Why Children do not Go to School in PakistanSome Estimates and a Theoretical Framework Abstract   PDF
Moazam Mahmood, Tarlo Javaid, Almal Baig
Winter 1993,Vol. 32, No.4 Part II Why Do Small Firms Fail to Graduate to Medium and Large Firms in Pakistan· Abstract   PDF
A, R, Kemal
2021,Vol. 60, No.2 Why do We Have Less Investment than China and India? Abstract   PDF
Hafsa Hina
Summer 2006,Vol. 45, No.2 Why Does Agricultural Growth Dominate Poverty Reduction in Low- and Middle-income Countries? Abstract   PDF
Jhon W. Mellor, Chandrashekhar Rande
Winter 2001,Vol. 40, No.4 Part I Why Economic Growth Trends Differ So Much across Developing Countries in the Era of Globalisation (The Iqbal Memorial Lecture) Abstract   PDF
Peter Nunnenkamp
Winter 1992,Vol. 31, No.4 Part II Why Most Development Projects Fail in Pakistan? A Plausible Explanation Abstract   PDF
Shamim A. Sahibzada, Mir Annice Mahmood
Winter 2015,Vol. 54, No.4 Part I & Part-II Why Nations Fail? (Keynote Video Lecture) Abstract   PDF
Daron Acemoglu
Winter 1996,Vol. 35, No.4 Part II Why Regulate a Privatised Firm? Abstract   PDF
A. R. Kemal
Spring 1988,Vol. 27, No.1 Wilfred Ethier. Modern International Economics. New York: W. W. Norton and Company. 1983. xviii + 588 pp. Abstract   PDF
Nadeem A. Burney
Summer 2009,Vol. 48, No.2 William J. Baumol, Robert E. Litan and Carl J. Schramm. Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism and the Economics of Growth and Prosperity. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2007. 321 pp. Abstract   PDF
Naseem Akhtar
Spring 2004,Vol. 43, No.1 Willingness to Pay for Primary Education in Rural Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Najam Saqib
Winter 2007,Vol. 46, No.4 Part II Willingness to Pay for the Quality of Drinking Water Abstract   PDF
Abdul Sattar, Eatzaz Ahmad
Spring 2015,Vol. 54, No.1 Wojciech W. Charemza andDerekF. Deadman. NewDirections in Econometric Practice, General to Specific Modelling,Cointegration and Vector Auto Regression. Cheltenham, U.K.: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited. 1997. Pages 360. £28.00 (Paperback). Abstract   PDF
Unbreen Qayyum
Winter 1989,Vol. 28, No.4 Part II Women in the Informal Sector: Home-based Workers in Karachi Abstract   PDF
Shahnaz Kazi, Bilquees Raza
Winter 1995,Vol. 34, No.4 Part III Women's Empowerment and Reproductive Choices Abstract   PDF
Syed Mubashir Ali, Hussain B. Siyal, Mehboob Sultan
Spring 2006,Vol. 45, No.1 Women’s Autonomy and Happiness:The Case of Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Syed Mubashir Ali, Rizwan ul Haq
Summer 2000,Vol. 39, No.2 Women’s Autonomy in the Context of Rural Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Zeba Ayesha Sathar, Shahnaz Kazi
Winter 2003,Vol. 42, No.4 Part II Women’s Rights as Propounded by Fatima Jinnah Abstract   PDF
Kishwar Sultana
Summer 2002,Vol. 41, No.2 Women’s Role In Domestic Decisionmaking In Pakistan: Implications For Reproductive Behaviour Abstract   PDF
Naushin Mahmood
Winter 1975,Vol. 14, No.4 Work Participation of Currently Married Women in Pakistan: Influence of Socio-Economic and Demographic Factors Abstract   PDF
Nasra M. Shah
Winter 1987,Vol. 26, No.4 Part II Workers' Remittances from the Middle East and their Effect on Pakistan's Economy Abstract   PDF
Nadeem A. Burney
Winter 1998,Vol. 37, No.4 Part II WTO and Pakistan: Opportunities and Policy Challenges Abstract   PDF
Zafar Mahmood
Winter 2003,Vol. 42, No.4 Part II WTO Regulations and the Audio-visual Sector— An Analytical Framework for Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Farooq, Tariq Mahmood
Winter 2001,Vol. 40, No.4 Part II WTO’s Trade Liberalisation, Agricultural Growth, and Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Anwar F. Chishti, Waqar Malik
Winter 2002,Vol. 41, No.4 Part II X-efficiency Analysis of Commercial Banks in Pakistan: A Preliminary Investigation Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Hanif Akhtar
Winter 2006,Vol. 45, No.4 Part II X-efficiency, Scale Economies, Technological Progress, and Competition: The Banking Sector in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Abdul Qayyum, Sajawal Khan
Winter 1999,Vol. 38, No.4 Part II Y2K Interruption: Can the Doomsday Scenario Be Averted? Abstract   PDF
Nabeela Arshad, Durr-e- Nayab, Arshad J. Minhas
Winter 2002,Vol. 41, No.4 Part II Zero-tillage Technology and Farm Profits: A Case Study of Wheat Growers in the Rice Zone of Punjab Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Iqbal, M. Azeem Khan, M. Zubair Anwar
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